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Young Professionals Board

Meet our Young Professionals Board

Emily Franchett

Chair, Events Committee

Project Coordinator, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

Boston, MA

Zachary Guarino

Chair, Membership Committee

Consultant, Stax Inc

Boston, MA

Ashley Henderson

Financial Crimes and Enforcement, KPMG

Boston, MA

Indhira Lazala

Chair, Mentorship Committee; Chair, Marketing Committee

Public Sector and Government Audit Associate, KPMG

Boston, MA

Adin Lykken


Associate, Berkshire Partners

Boston, MA

Nicolette Nugent


Lead Developer, DRG/AdaptiveRx

Boston, MA

Yanina Reid

Chair, Mentorship Committee

Managing Director, State and Local Tax, KPMG

Boston, MA

Sophia Roman


Relationship Manager, Wells Fargo

Boston, MA

Anant Udpa

Associate, Social Finance Inc.

Boston, MA

Jessica Wing

Chair, Events Committee

Manager, Audit, KPMG

Boston, MA