July 19, 2023

20 Years, 20 Friends: Cummings Foundation

Our third highlight in our 20 Years, 20 Friends series – all leading up to our 20th anniversary in 2024 – is an organization that’s been a partner and supporter of Friends-Boston since 2017.

Congratulations to Cummings Foundation for being #3 in our 20 Years, 20 Friends countdown!

Cummings Foundation has a long history of providing support to nonprofit organizations throughout the Boston region who are making lasting and life-changing impacts in the lives of individuals and families. Their support – following the philanthropic mindset of Bill and Joyce Cummings – has had a tremendous impact on our work and mission.

The Foundation was our first six-figure supporter when we were named as one of their $100K for 100 recipients – an award that comes with a gift of $25,000 per year over the course of four years – in 2015. In 2019, the Foundation took their support of our mission and work to the next level by naming us as a Sustaining Grant recipient – a highly competitive grant worth $250,000 over the course of 10 years.

“Cummings Foundation is delighted to have enjoyed a long-term partnership with Friends-Boston,” said Executive Director Joyce Vyriotes. “A small but mighty organization, it is well run and has produced excellent outcomes. We were especially impressed with how it pivoted during the pandemic to expand its support to include students’ families.”

A meaningful portion of the funding Cummings Foundation awards each year comes from the commercial real estate it owns. All the Foundation’s buildings are managed on a pro bono basis by Cummings Properties, and 100 percent of the rental income from these properties goes to charitable purposes.

Thanks in large part to Cummings’ leasing clients, the Foundation has awarded $500 million to date to greater Boston nonprofits.

Do you know of a business or organization that might be in the market to lease an office, retail, medical, or lab space? If so, please contact the Foundation so they can make a referral to Cummings and potentially earn a significant additional donation. If the (eligible) referral signs a lease with Cummings, Friends-Boston will receive the equivalent of half of the first year’s rent.

Learn more about this program, and please reach out to the Foundation with your questions and referrals.