December 14, 2023

Special Achiever Spotlight: Jayden

We've had many Achievers go through our program over the last 20 years, and each one has had their own story. Your donation today will give our Achievers the help and support they need to reach their goals.

This month's special Achiever Spotlight is highlighting a current Achiever who's seen the positive impact of our program in his own life - Jayden*. He's approaching the end of his time at Friends-Boston, and he's overcome struggles with school and peer relationships with support from our team.

Before Friends-Boston, these issues were getting Jayden into trouble regularly at school. Often, others would say something hurtful because they new they could get a reaction. Today, he's settled into high school and is in his senior year. He can get himself around town independently and is better at staying organized (still room for improvement) and on top of homework and assignments.

Jayden was recently awarded a $5,000 scholarship by the New England Patriots at their opening game of the season. He continues to be a bright beacon in our office, and his hope for the future is to continue his education beyond high school to secure a stable future for himself and his family.

As his Friend (Mentor) Mikael says: "Jayden has been a part of the program since he was in the first grade and he has definitely learned a lot from being a part of Friends-Boston. More then anything, the program has benefited from his kind, polite, and jovial nature that leaves a mark on just about everybody that he meets."

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*Name changed