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Samika's Story

*name changed to protect the identity of the Achiever

Samika is a very bright and energetic 6th grader with an infectious smile who lives with her mother, step-father, and much older siblings. You would not know it if you met Samika, but earlier this year, the family’s main source of income was lost due to an employer-imposed reduction in work hours coincided with an injury suffered by mom. As a result, they could no longer afford the rent and found themselves homeless. Because of this, the family became separated and Samika and her mom found themselves rooming house spending nights on one air mattresses with all of their belongings close by their side in a plastic bag. 

Samika’s Professional Mentor (Friend) was able to be engaged throughout the whole ordeal because of our ability to follow our Achievers no matter what (or where) and be involved in EVERY facet of their lives. Her Friend was not only able to be there for Samika during this very difficult time, she was also able to support Mom in finding housing, all while providing basic necessities and social emotional support to Samika while she was in transition.

Knowing that her Friend was relentlessly working to help her family and Samika meant the world to her and was how Samika was able to persevere through. She knew her Friend was doing everything she could to help reunite and stabilize her family. It took over 7 months, but the family is back together and living in a great apartment. Just as important Samika stayed in school, kept up with her studies, and got to enjoy her summer doing fun activities with her Friend. 

“ To offer Samika the stability and consistency she needed during that time, her Friend continued to do things that Samika enjoyed, and ensured that Samika was able to continue to participate in all of the activities she loves!”