September 18, 2015

Jorgi's Story of Success

Having the support of someone who won’t judge you and will help you work through your faults.

A breakthrough will often happen when you have someone by your side. This is the case with one of the Achievers selected in 2004, Jorgi. Despite the fact that she was bright and eager to learn, at that time, Jorgi struggled in school. She was already in danger of being held back when she was chosen for the program in first grade. Jorgi acted out in class and was frequently upset due to an unstable home life in which the Department of Family and Children became involved due to concerns of substance abuse. Her father has never been present in her life, and her mother was overwhelmed at times by the responsibility of caring for Jorgi and her four older siblings with very little support.

Although it has always been easy for Jorgi to make friends, in elementary and middle school, it was extremely difficult for her to control her temper, which caused her to be repeatedly kicked out of class and made it difficult for her to complete her assignments. With intensive support from her Friend, Jorgi has learned how to process her anger in a healthy way and is now avoiding physical confrontation and interacting more successfully in school. Over the past ten years, her Friends have spent time with her every week, supporting her in school, taking her on outings in the community and helping her build key academic, social and emotional skills. With all of the obstacles and challenges she faces in her daily life, her Friend works to ensure that Jorgi is able to remain focused on the goal of graduating from high school and succeeding in college.

Jorgi is now in the twelfth grade at the high performing Snowden International School in downtown Boston where she is exploring the wide variety of engaging enrichment activities that are available for students. Jorgi's mother, Carlotta, currently works at Friends–Boston as the office manager and family resource coordinator. Jorgi plans to go to college and become a family law attorney so she can make a positive difference in others’ lives. She took that first step towards a career in law during the summer of 2015, serving as a paid intern with the Boston Bar Association. Jorgi's drive and dedication leave little doubt that she will accomplish anything she sets her mind to and will be proud to be by her side as she achieves those goals!

Jorgi's Friend Keisha has said, "I find this Achiever to be a remarkable young lady. She is pleasant to work with and always willing to meet with me. Jorgi can easily win you over with her charming demeanor. Jorgi has shown me that her loyalty to the program, hard work and goals she has set for herself will allow her to reach the stars and touch the sky. She has shown us all that professional mentoring really works, and the program is needed.

Jorgi has already applied to and been accepted into the coming freshman class of several colleges. She will share with the Friends–Boston community where she will be going to college at our Friend Raiser. We hope you can join us to hear the news!