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Frosty's Friends

American Tower, KPMG, Eastern Benefits, Westfield Capital Management, and MaidPro Help our Achievers and their Families Celebrate the Holidays

Every fall at Friends-Boston we issue a challenge to our Corporate Community to help us fulfill the holiday wishes for our Achievers and when possible their siblings.

American Tower, KPMG, Westfield Capital Management, MaidPro and Eastern Benefits Group accepted that challenge and boy did they deliver!!

Our Achievers write letters to Frosty requesting a gift ($50 max) and thanks to the generosity of the employees at American Tower, KPMG, Westfield Capital Management, MaidPro and Eastern Benefits, we are able to make sure that all our Achievers have a gift to open for the holidays. 

If you or your company would like to learn more or get involved with Frosty's Friends, please contact:

Cory Berry-Whitlock at cory@friendsboston.org or 617-983-FOTC (3682)