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CTP Boston's 20 Years 20 Causes Campaign

Last year Boston advertising agency CTP is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a campaign they call 20 Years 20 Causes, where they recognize 20 amazing non-profits they've come to know and have inspired them. Friends of the Children – Boston is proud to be one of those causes!

As part of the campaign, the CTP team decided that rather than having their usual holiday party, they would take the energy and resources and devote them to helping make a few children’s holidays brighter.

So they reached out to their friend and our Executive Director Yi-Chin Chen.

They were blessed to meet our Achiever Louvinnia, a vibrant 10-year-old girl who lives with her loving grandmother and three siblings in a cramped, subsidized apartment, where necessities like food and furniture are scarce. CTPers gave the apartment a full makeover in less than 24 hours, including paint, furniture and well-stocked bureaus and fridge. So when her Friend Chloe visits every week, there’s now a place to sit and do homework.

Thank you CTP for the profound impact you have had on Friends of the Children and the community.