July 13, 2023

Achiever Spotlight: Jalyn

Our monthly Achiever Spotlight highlights current and alumni Achievers. For current Achievers, we look at how the Friends-Boston program is impacting them today. For alumni, we see the role the program played in helping them to find success after they graduated. Their stories are part of our story, and we're excited to share them.

This month, we're highlighting an alum Achiever: Jalyn.

Jalyn is a Friends-Boston alum who overcame challenges as a young Achiever to find her path toward achieving her dreams for the future.

In her early days at Friends-Boston, Jalyn dealt with academic hurdles and shyness that could have created roadblocks for her after graduation. As an adolescent, she was paired with her Friend Shané. The two of them quickly connected, and Shané was able to provide guidance and support that was in addition to what Jalyn was receiving at home from her single mother.

Jalyn is a hard worker, and that strong work ethic allowed her to excel as she came to the end of her time at Friends-Boston. Following graduation, she's been driven to work harder than ever before to achieve as much as possible. During the school year, she's attending classes at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston to achieve her dream of becoming an architect. But she's not taking a break when school's out!

During the summer break, she's teaching an architecture class at Roxbury Community College. She's also opened up her own catering business - The Plate U Need - and is participating in an internship at an architectural firm.

With everything going on in her world, Jalyn also continues to make an impact on the Friends-Boston community. She inspires the younger Achievers while also remaining involved in events and opportunities to spread the word about the impact of Friends-Boston.

When talking about Jalyn, Shané had this to say: "Working with Jalyn, it's been amazing to see her grow into the young woman we see today. She's very busy but has the means to excel and soar."

Jalyn is a great example of an Achiever overcoming obstacles to make her goals reality. We can't wait to see what she'll accomplish in the future!