May 28, 2024

Achiever Spotlight: Imani

Our monthly Achiever Spotlight highlights current and alumni Achievers. For current Achievers, we look at how the Friends-Boston program is impacting them today. For alumni, we see the role the program played in helping them to find success after they graduated. Their stories are part of our story, and we're excited to share them.

This month, we're highlighting a current Achiever: Imani*.


Imani’s been a part of Friends-Boston for about 10 years now! Her Friend, Rue, has been working with her for the past year, and Imani showed support and patience as Rue joined the Friends-Boston team.

Imani is an incredible visual artist. She works with a wide variety of different mediums including crochet figures, stop motion films, pencil drawings, paint, and animation. Since joining Friends-Boston, Rue has seen Imani’s motivation to try new things grow. Over the past few months, they’ve tried and successfully learned new skills, such as spinning on skates and crocheting.

When talking about Imani, Rue had this to say: “Working with Imani has been so much fun! She has the best sense of humor and brightens up all our spaces. Imani is always willing to try new things with me, whether it be cooking, building or even networking. It's been such an honor to witness her creativity and artistry grow!”

We can’t wait to see what Imani will achieve as she continues to grow and learn. Whatever she does, we know she’s going to do great things!

*Name changed