April 29, 2024

Achiever Spotlight: Camila

Our monthly Achiever Spotlight highlights current and alumni Achievers. For current Achievers, we look at how the Friends-Boston program is impacting them today. For alumni, we see the role the program played in helping them to find success after they graduated. Their stories are part of our story, and we're excited to share them.

This month, we're highlighting a current Achiever: Camila*.


Camila is one of the first Achievers to be a part of our new East Boston location at the Mario Umana Academy. She lives in East Boston with her mother, and she’s been a part of the Friends-Boston program for nearly a year since joining last summer.

Camila moved to the United States two years ago with her mother from El Salvador. Like many other families, they’ve struggled to deal with finding work and housing in East Boston as the community continues to gentrify with prices continually rising.

Since last August, Camila has been working with Arlene – her Friend (professional mentor) – to overcome a number of barriers that she’s experienced in school. She continues to amaze Arlene by working hard in school and advocating for her needs to her teachers and other adults. She also works hard outside of school, recently receiving her uniform and belt in Karate – a program she’s been participating in with Franny, our 2Gen Caregiver Support Specialist.

When talking about Camila, Arlene had this to say: “Camila is kind, compassionate, caring, and thoughtful. She’s a ray of sunshine, and working with her is extremely rewarding as she is a constant reminder to take care of your community and of the people around you!”

We can’t wait to see what Camila will achieve as she continues to grow and learn. Whatever she does, we know she’s going to do great things!

*Name changed