November 30, 2020

Notarize Education Support Drive

Give the Gift of Learning!

COVID-19 has made learning-from-home a necessity and has had an outsized impact on children with fewer resources. With our children and youth attending classes remotely for a significant part of the year, your donation will make possible a better learning-from-home environment through the gift of noise-cancelling headphones, and a desk and chair combo that will allow them to concentrate longer and more fully engage with school.

Notarize and Friends-Boston have teamed up help our Achievers. Thank you for your support during these difficult times.

To support our youth, please visit our secure donation page.

Your donation will have an outsized impact on our children and youth. Living in homes that do not have separate quiet spaces that support concentration and learning, our Achievers are attending classes on Chromebooks often with a sibling (also in remote class) or family member working in the same room. Most lack a desk in their house and so set up in otherwise busy rooms like the kitchen table. Help us create the learning environment that our Achievers deserve. Give the gift of headphones, a chair, and a desk to help them concentrate so that they will be able to fully engage in their education and future. Thank you so much for your support!