July 06, 2021

Mentoring Nonprofit Helps Kids Thrive — by Adding Services for Caregivers

A Chronicle of Philanthropy Article

Friends of the Children-Boston was recently featured in the latest issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy feature article where we explain how we have been keeping up with our youth and their families throughout the pandemic and what we have learned. Being able to look closer into the lives of our youth, we have realized that we need to adapt our approach to include multiple generations of our Achiever's family. We call this the 2Gen Approach.

Read the article here to learn more about how we came to this conclusion!


“Caregivers have to be a really critical part of the equation in more ways than we have done before. We have to proactively engage them, and also we have to proactively build on what their own hopes and dreams are for this next phase.”

- Yi-Chin Chen, Executive Director