September 20, 2023

20 Years, 20 Friends: Rodman for Kids

Our 5th highlight in our 20 Years, 20 Friends series – all leading up to our 20th anniversary in 2024 – is one of our community partners who not only offers fun and unique experiences for our Achievers, but also an opportunity to support our work.

Congratulations to Rodman for Kids for being #5 in our 20 Years, 20 Friends countdown!

Since 2013, Rodman for Kids has provided our Achievers with opportunities to have engaging experiences that have expanded their horizons and opened doors to the arts. Through their Theatre for Kids program, our Achievers have had chances to see live performances, including Hamilton and Hadestown, right in their own city. They’ve also used their connections with organizations, including Above the Clouds, to give Achievers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to live their dreams, like when Jerezz had the chance to fly a plane over Boston.

In addition to the many experiences they’ve opened up for our Achievers, Rodman for Kids has also been a long-time partner in our work through their annual Rodman Ride for Kids, which started in 1991. The event’s grown over the years to include participants and organizations from throughout the Greater Boston area. It offers the chance to build community, and members of our Young Professionals Board lead our team each year. We’re also one of the only organizations that invites some of our adolescent Achievers to join the rest of our in-person ride team in Foxborough, giving them the opportunity to experience this amazing event firsthand.

“At Rodman for Kids, we are committed to providing comprehensive support for our Charity Partners like Friends of the Children-Boston,” said Amy Rossman, Executive Director of Rodman for Kids. “It is an honor to partner with an organization that has such a transformative impact on young people in our community, and we are proud to support Friends of the Children-Boston and their Achievers.”

We’re grateful to the Rodman for Kids team for their commitment to opening up opportunities for our Achievers and their partnership through the Rodman Ride for Kids. We look forward to continuing to work together for many years into the future.