Strengthening Families Campaign: The addition of formal child-centered Two-Generation (2Gen) programming

“Caregivers have to be a really critical part of the equation in more ways than we have done before. We have to proactively engage them, and also we have to proactively build on what their own hopes and dreams are for this next phase.”

- Yi-Chin Chen, Executive Director

During the course of the global pandemic, our youth and families bore the brunt of the impact, including loss of employment, inadequate support in remote learning transition, and significant threats to physical and mental health. As a response, we added enhanced family support elements and structured programming to support both Achievers and caregivers.

What we learned in this crisis is what we have known all along – children thrive when their caregivers thrive. It demonstrated and underscored the power of a 2Gen model—that of supporting the whole family by intentionally and simultaneously working with our Achievers and their caregivers will result in greater stability and success for children and youth.

We do this by:

Friends of the Children-Boston's 2Gen Approach was featured in the nationally publicized Chronicle of Philanthropy, read the article here to learn more about why we implemented 2Gen Programming.

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