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Ways to Give

Join Our Circle of Friends

What is Circle of Friends?

Circle of Friends are individuals who either on their own or join together to raise a total of $10,000 to support Friends of the Children–Boston. Each Circle sponsors one child’s participation in the program for one year. This includes a portion of staffing costs for our Friends, professional mentors, staff development and training, regular activities with the Achiever (academic tutoring, arts and science field trips and activities, community centers) and special activities or what we refer to as helping Achievers find their spark (dance lessons, extra academic supplies, swimming lessons, etc.).

Because we make a long term investment in our Achievers, we encourage donors to consider developing relationships with the Achiever they sponsor. Getting to know an Achiever over time allows investors to see the results of their support directly and can create important relationships for our Achievers as they grow up. Your support means the world to our kids. Become a member of our Circle of Friends today!

Why support Friends–Boston with your gift of $500 or more?

Simply put – it works. And, it’s cost-effective compared to other intervention options.1 Friends of the Children truly give a child a sense of purpose, determination and the tools they need for a lifetime of success.

Circle of Friends Donor Giving Levels:

  • $10,000 Achiever Sponsorship covers the entire expense of supporting one Achiever's participation in the program for one year.
  • $5,000 Summer Enrichment Sponsor covers the cost of 10 Achievers to attend summer camp.
  • $2,500 Finding Your Spark Sponsor encourages Achiever's talents and interests by supporting enrichment activities like art and drama lessons, joining a sports team or learning how to swim.
  • $1,000 School Success Sponsor promotes school success and future planning by helping to underwrite the cost of meetings with school staff about Achiever progress, individual goal setting and one-on-one tutoring to reach those goals.
  • $500 Growth Mindset Sponsor enriches our Achiever's lives by helping us take them to museums, the theatre, sporting events and cultural events.

Why make a multi-year commitment?

As a long-term intensive mentoring organization, we encourage multi-year commitments to support the long-term growth of our Achievers.

  • Twelve plus (12+) year commitment: Circle of Friends commits to support incoming kindergarteners all the way through graduation, no matter what!
  • Adolescent four (4) year commitment: Circle of Friends commits to support the class of 2020. Selected 9th graders will be supported throughout their high school years, supporting their school success and college preparation.
  • Elementary four (4) year commitment: Circle of Friends commits to support elementary school Achievers transition from kindergarten to 4th-grade supporting social-emotional development and preparing for school success.


  • Be a part of helping an Achiever write a new story for themselves and break the cycle of generational poverty.
  • Memento album (for contributions $10,000 and above).
  • Invitations to exclusive special events and parties hosted by Friends of the Children–Boston.
  • Opportunities to get to know the Friends and Achievers you sponsor through your Circle Annual newsletter.
  • Acknowledgment in Friends of the Children–Boston's Milestone Report and email newsletter.

Who do I contact with questions, resources, or ideas?

To make your commitment today or ask questions about Circle of Friends, please contact:

Stacy DellOrfano, Director of Development

1Based on the achievements of our graduates, analysts from the Harvard Business School Association of Oregon calculated a $7.60 in social return for every $1 invested in our program as a result of higher wages earned and lower burdens on social safety nets and the justice system. This increased to a $26 Social Return on Investment (SROI) when familial and generational effects are considered. Read more about our Return on Investment.

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