Joelleen Alphonse

Youth Advocate (Friend) - Elementary Cohort

Joelleen is an Elementary mentor who works with some of the youngest cohort of Achievers. As a Dorchester native and first-generation Haitian-American, they are committed to supporting the community they have grown up in and seek to create lasting institutional change for the next generation. They are grateful for their opportunities as a legacy of their family's dedication to overcoming challenges and being leaders in their community. Joelleen has previously worked at The American City Coalition, a local non-profit based in Roxbury and contributed to creating Logic Model for youth empowerment programs that provide mentorship and literacy for youth development, and The Pierce School in Brookline as a Literary Education Assistant. They hold a Bachelor's degree in Sociology, and have had numerous years working with youth of all ages. In their free time they love going to the beach, reading, and creating art! Joelleen is passionate about the arts and helping youth find their spark and express themselves in different ways, and is honored to be able to empower and advocate for the youth and families of Friends-Boston.

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