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October 07, 2021

Adapting Through These Uncertain Times

Our 2020 Milestone Report

What comes to your mind when you reflect back on the year 2020? Was it the uncertainties and concerns for you and your loved ones’ livelihood, health, and wellbeing? Was it the sudden transition to working from your home and finding a new routine? Adding homeschool teacher to your ever-growing list of responsibilities as a caregiver? What if we can tell you a different story about 2020…

The entire world was challenged this past year – challenges to do differently, and to think differently. At Friends of the Children-Boston, these challenges took on a different meaning.

As educational inequity was highlighted by the pandemic and dominated the news, our paid, professional Mentors continued to show up for all of our Achievers as we have done everyday in the last 16 years. When the world was awakened and took to the streets to demand justice for our Black community, we continued to be steadfast in demanding equity in systems that impact our youth as we always have so our youth can show up each day in their power. As the world watched our economy collapse on our most vulnerable citizens, we stepped up to deliver weekly essentials so no one would be left behind.

Read our 2020 Milestone Report to learn more!

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