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September 19, 2018

With a $300,000 Catalyst Gift from the Wellington Management Foundation, Friends of the Children–Boston Expands!

Expansion will allow the organization to provide 30 percent more children with long-term, salaried, professional mentors


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Friends of the Children–Boston Expands

Expansion will allow the organization to provide 30 percent more children with long-term, salaried, professional mentors

Boston —  Friends of the Children-Boston (Friends-Boston), whose successful model of providing the most vulnerable children with long-term, salaried, professional mentors from kindergarten through high school graduation, is thrilled to announce that they were awarded a $300,000 Catalyst Gift from the Wellington Management Foundation to execute its plans to grow and deepen its impact in Boston over the next three (3) years.

The expansion— Building upon the strong track record and exceptional results from the last 14 years, Friends-Boston recently completed a three-year strategic planning process focusing on growing and deepening their impact on youth who are considered to be the most vulnerable in our city. At the core of their Strategic Plan is a commitment to increase the total number of Achievers served by an additional 30% by 2021.

Based on analysis, for every kindergartener selected by Friends-Boston to be matched with a Friend, they estimate that there are between eight to twelve eligible students whom they are not serving. The planned growth/expansion will support their efforts to meet this demand for high-quality, long-term, and professional mentoring service for youth facing the most difficult challenges. 

The Expansion Plan not only includes serving more children, it also takes into account a review and enhancement of on-boarding practices and the mandatory increases in organizational capacity and infrastructure including expanding into more schools that are based on their planned growth.

“This funding further solidifies our commitment to our community and our growth vision for the next three years,” said Friends of the Children–Boston Executive Director Yi-Chin Chen. “We see the dramatic effect we are making in our children’s lives, and the ripple effect in the community where they live and go to school. We are eager to work with more children and this gift will have catalytic effect on our ability to create generational change in our community.”

Friends-Boston’s first expansion phase will also include expansion into 2-3 new schools in the next three years, increasing the number of youth served by 30 percent. Friends-Boston will also be able to hire more long-term, salaried, professional mentors, who they call “Friends,” and build organizational capacity for larger-scale growth over the next three years. Friends-Boston will also continue building partnerships that will improve the quality of life for the youth they serve.

“We see a dramatic difference in the students who are in the Friends of the Children–Boston program,” says Higginson Pre-K-2 School Principal Marie Mullen. “They often have a lot going on in their home lives.  Their Friends help them to be able to focus on school and navigate often very tough life circumstances.”


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