We celebrated an amazing evening at our annual Friend Raiser. It was a night filled with inspiration, laughter, a few tears, and lots of hopes and dreams. We thank everyone who donated in support of the Friend Raiser - that night and leading up to. You helped us raise $500,000 to date!

We want to invite you to help us reach our goals - we are still $125,000 away from achieving our $625,000 goal. A goal that we have to raise by June 30th to help us continue to be there for our Achievers, this first crucial year of our five-year expansion growth plan. We are confident that with your support we can realize that goal.

The evening saw us celebrate our first ever recipient of the Achiever of the Year Award - Marques McGrath - as well as the premiere of our Hopes & Dreams video. Marques, who received a special video congrats from mom, will be attending UMass Boston this fall where he will be studying biomedical engineering. He is proof positive that with the support of people like you and long-term commitment of Friends, our Achievers can fulfill their hopes and dreams and overcome the obstacles life throws their way.

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

Be inspired by Marques’ story (we are!), but know that for every Marques we are able to serve, there are eight deserving children who need the supportive hand of a professional mentor we are not able to serve.

Every child, no matter who they are or where they live, has dreams of doing big things. Our Achievers have bright futures with big dreams that are most certainly attainable. They deserve to know that their dreams can and will come true. Our youth go on to become leaders in their communities and successful in their post-secondary pursuits and careers.

We can't do this work without your generosity. This investment will be life-changing for Achievers and their families, and we need your help to make it happen. Investing in our growth today is crucial for building a brighter future for all. We hope YOU will choose to join us in supporting our Achievers! Together we will make the hopes and dreams of our Achievers come true.

One Child. One Friend. 12+ years. No matter what.