Nashaly Medina

Youth Advocate (Friend) - Elementary Cohort

Nashaly Medina is a highly dedicated and passionate individual, committed to making a positive and long-term impact on her community. With a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, accompanied by a minor in Psychology, obtained from the University of Rhode Island, Nashaly's academic background has given her a deep understanding of the complex social issues facing society today. Prior to her tenure at Boston Friends, Nashaly worked as a Family Liaison and Special Education Interpreter for the Providence School Department, where she developed a keen appreciation for the need to address the challenges that exist within the school system. Nashaly's experience was enriched by her internships at various schools in Providence, where she gained valuable insight into the policies and systems governing the education sector. Furthermore, Nashaly's dedication to improving the lives of those around her saw her play a pivotal role in the community's Rent Relief Program during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her contribution was instrumental in ensuring that individuals who were struggling to keep their homes or find new ones were given the support they needed. Overall,with her unique blend of education and community outreach experience, Nashaly is poised to continue making significant contributions in her field and beyond.

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